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Anonymous asked:
"yea i wouldn't have bought his album either if it was $40, but where i live shipping was only $3 or something and if i can reasonably afford it, i will always choose to support new artists by buying their stuff :) :)"

I like buying cds and I have a little colletion of them but I prefer buying in physical shops. And if Troye would scream really loud in his songs and I could buy it in physical shop I would buy it :).

Anonymous asked:
"What is your type of music? I listen to PTV, SWS, The Amity Affliction,Crown The Empire..."

*h5* :D. I mostly listen to Pierce The Veil, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria and Motionless In White. Just cool bands.

"Can i just say i get where you're coming from because i'm under 18, i live with my parents and they won't let me buy anything online/not directly from a physical shop. i'd much rather download it and prefer when people don't go all caps lock "YOU HAVE TO BUY IT OR ELSE YOU'RE NOT A TROYE FAN." excuse me, but i am a troye fan but i'm sorry i don't live a luxurious life of money. anyway, love your tumblr <3"

Same!! I don’t live a luxurious life too and can’t just buy every song I like. 

Anonymous asked:
"I downloaded it and im not going to buy it on itunes (purely bc i dont have any credit there), but i ordered the album :)"

And it’s okay!!
I could do it too if I would really like his songs but one girl who lives in my country tweeted that she paid 40$ for shipping and I think it’s too much ://.

Anonymous asked:
"Just wanna say I respect your decision to not buy the song..I'm sure he knows that not everyone is gonna like it enough to wanna buy it but I think just by having it and listening to it w others is good promo for an artist anyway. I'm glad you are standing your ground/expressing how you really feel and not just following the crowd or going along w all the hype, and I think it's healthy (even perhaps beneficial) for artists to hear "criticisms" of their work instead of everyone just praising it."

Thank u ;).
I would like to know how many people are going to download his song instead of buying it and aren’t going to own up to that.

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"Hey I don't get why people are freaking out about downloading it bc a lot of people are downloading it so they can listen to it on their phone or whatever and some people just can't afford it but in the end it's none of their business and it doesn't affect anyone else one bit if you don't buy it (and it also doesn't make you any less of a Troye fan)"

You’re 100% right. It’s none of their business.  Thank u :’).

Anonymous asked:
"how did you download it? i want to download it too tbh"

I didn’t download it yet

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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself tonight

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troyegang asked:
"Hi I saw your photo and u are so pretty tbh"


omfg thank you ily ily ily and that picture was literally all luck idk how it happened (also ily and your blog so omgomgomg)

Love u more C:

Anonymous asked:
"you dont have to buy it but downloading it really sucks if you're a Troye fan"

I would rather buy it on cd but paying 40$ for shipping sucks too.

Anonymous asked:

I am not going to buy it bc:
1) My mum won’t pay for it and I can’t do it myself.
2) I love Troye and I like his songs but I prefer other kind of music and buying Happy Little Pill would be wasting money for me. 
So it’s better for me just to download it. But people are like “TROYE PUT A LOT WORK INTO HIS SONG AND YOU MUST BUY IT OR WE WILL KILL U”.

I am not going to buy Troye’s song on iTunes and I feel worse bc of your posts. Thanks.



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beyonce Buy Happy Little Pill on iTunes when it will be available please